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Universe by JoJoesArt

This is just... magical. Some believe that looking through one's eye, you can see their soul, which is what really grabs my attention in this masterpeice. I feel like I could stare at this all day, like it's a bottomless, black pit, drawing me in. It also pries the question out of you- what does this person see?

Great job on the artwork. The colors blend beautifully, and those details are magnificent, and must have taken days. I often forget what amazing feats one can do with a few pens and pencils, but you really remind us during those moments of doubt. I honestly don't know anyone that could have done better, however I took off a few points for originality, as I have drawn similar pictures myself. I did find pleasing, that the eyelashes were not perfectly organized and unreal, as someone else might do. Again, just gorgeous and nothing I write could ever succeed in discribing this... this... I'm running out of words, so here concludes my first critique.
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